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Don’t shoot the messenger

A billion dollar contract is big enough to have a lot of problems.  Solving those problems is what project management is all about.  But you can’t solve what you don’t know about. Sometimes people will tell you when something has gone wrong. Sometimes they won’t.

Independent assurance

This the story of a failed attempt to let a billion dollar Government contract.  The competition had to be cancelled because of deficiencies in the procurement process.  Independent assurance of the process could have made all the difference.

Identifying strategic risk

When you have entered into a billion dollar contract, your existing business is going to be a billion dollars’ worth of different.  What impact will that have?

The risks associated with a billion dollar contract are not just the risks of the contract itself, but also the risks to the existing business.

Low price Bad news

This is the first in a series of videos about issues you may encounter in setting up a billion dollar Government contract

It is tempting to think that a low price is always good.  But if it is the wrong price, disputes and lawsuits may follow.  Here’s a video with some thoughts about why a price might be lower than it should be, and some things you can do to avoid getting into that situation.