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Louise Hart is an independent consultant specialising in major projects and procurement. Her book, Procuring Successful Mega-Projects: How to establish major Government contracts without ending up in court, was published by Gower Publishing (now part of the Taylor & Francis group) in August 2015.

Over the last 30 years Louise has used her excellent credentials in law, finance and management in both the public and private sectors, to improve the quality and professionalism of the establishment of major contracts.

Her past roles include: solicitor in international law firms in Sydney and London; adviser to the Latvian Ministry of Economic Reform; Privatisation Legal Adviser for the flotation of Railtrack, then the owner of Britain’s rail network; transaction manager for two major re-structurings of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link PPP project; and Project Director for the establishment of the NSW $3.6 billion PPP for the procurement of the Waratah fleet of double deck passenger trains now serving Sydney’s network.

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