I offer independent advice and assurance in relation to procurement and major projects.

  • Ask me to become an independent member of an evaluation committee for a major contract award. Stakeholders value the knowledge that the in-house team is supported by an experienced independent who understands both the probity requirements and the commercial imperative.
  • If you are concerned whether a major project or procurement is really on track, ask for a Gateway-style independent health check. I review key reports and documentation, interview the key participants and provide a snapshot assessment and recommended actions to take the project forward.
  • If you are looking to establish a Dispute Resolution Board for your next major project, check my availability. As an independent I am unlikely to be barred by conflicts of interest.


Keynote speeches or focused training on major projects and procurement. Special subjects include:

  • Government procurement fiascos: case studies
  • Establishing major contracts: negotiating strategies for Government
  • Scaling up: successful small procurement tactics won’t work on high value contracts

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